Friendship — A Thing of the Past??

I struggle here…. I struggle with “friendship.” When I think of friendship, I think of people who purposefully enjoy each other’s company. I also think of having someone to call on in times of need, a shoulder to cry on. A person or group of people that consider each other’s feelings, but most importantly I think of TRUTH. I equate genuine friendship with sincerity… and therein lies my struggle…

Today, friendship has taken on a new, pseudo form, it’s more of a feeling, than a fact. Todays friendships have boiled down to impersonal social media connections. People befriend other’s not to form genuine connections, but for other, more cynical reasons including but not limited to:

  • Spying on another’s life. Just straight up NOSEY…
  • Making assumptions that because they’ve wronged a person, every post that the person post is on the low about them… This makes me so sick…. Side Note: I am aware that some people do throw shade with their posts…This makes me equally sick…
  • Gossiping… Let me come from a place of honesty… I have been a gossiper… I’m a person that values truth, so let me start right here… It is wrong to speak about people’s personal lives in an effort to HATE on them…. PERIOD… It only shows your insecurities… So, work on you boo… Keri Hilson was right, “jealousy is the ugliest trait.”

These things cause another problem… people feel the need to embellish their achievements in and effort to be excepted, or “outdo” their judges… This becomes grand scale lying… God forbid you actually meet these people… The filters alone would cause you to not be able to recognize them…

I’m a Christian… a REAL one… you know, the hard to find kind… I only lie when it’s absolutely necessary… (You can laugh right there… I’m not bold enough to say I never lie… God is reading this post). Seriously though, I don’t think I should lie to the people I claim to love, and if I consider someone a friend, I love them, and I’ll not lie to them… Therein lies my second problem.

Most people today are not looking for friends that will tell them the truth. Today people want friends to have a good time with, gossip with, “turn up” with, but please don’t correct them, you’ve just insulted them… For this reason, I find it hard to be a friend to anyone outside of my immediate family, which consists of my children, and my husband… I love them so much that they know I’ll not consider their feelings above truth… now you probably think I have no friends 😂🤣, but I do, and I love them dearly, and they value my opinion, and greatly respect me, and love me as I do them… (I’ll insert a picture of some of my most cherished friends…) They set me straight too… Sometimes I need it.

In closing I’ll answer the question in the title; is friendship a thing of the past??? No, but open your eyes, real friendship includes love, not heart emoji’s, and truth… Don’t just move through life with people thinking you have those two things, make sure those things are on the table first, you’ll then be on your way forging lifelong friendships.

P.S. Don’t delete your whole Facebook friend’s list… Haters can be motivating 😏.

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